HIT Single diode // Radiotherapy – Fixed laser system with manual adjustment

As indicated in its name, the HIT Single Diode includes only one diode per optical head, and it can be either red or green. The HITSD consists of:

1 sagittal line laser and 2 lateral cross lasers

What advantages does the HIT Single Diode offer compared to other systems on the market ?

- Adjustment of laser lines on all the three planes of movement is possible without opening the laser cover. This allows a better stability of the adjustment. Indeed, if the user needs to remove the cover to adjust the lasers, putting the cover back inflicts a constraint and unsettles them. With the CYRPA HITSD, only a simple wrench is necessary to adjust the laser, from the outside, without removing the laser cover.

- The tilt sensitivity is a key point when adjusting a laser manually. The less sensitive, the better. CYRPA HITSD has a very low tilt sensitivity (as compared to our competitors) which allows a more simple and more stable adjustment.